For Authors

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that authors can use to see the resources that I use with my site. The list will be continually evolving as I find different resources that I end up using and are worth mentioning.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the resources listed below and recommend them because they are from companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below!

Bluehost – Bluehost is what I use for hosting my site. They give a real quick and easy way to get set up and running with your site on WordPress. Bluehost has free domain name registration, have amazing customer service (24/7 on live chat!), is super affordable and my #1 recommendation. I know that all the technical getting a domain + hosting service + WordPress can be confusing if you have never done it before. But not to worry. I have created a post on How To Create An Author Website if you want a step-by-step run down of how to start your own author website using Bluehost. Click HERE to go directly to it!

MailerliteMailerliteMailerlite is what I use for my mailing server software. The first 1000 subscribers are completely free! Then the payment structure starts. But Mailerlite is definitely much cheaper than anything else out there, especially for their cost for number of subscribers! It also lets me send out unlimited emails in a month. Mailchimp only lets you do around 10-12,000 max in a month. Mailchimp also has an issue with signups where there is a captcha to enter and lots have lost out getting subscribers due to it. Mailerlite has NO such issue, which is why it is my go-to for mailing lists! In addition, you get full customer support even with the free option of 0-1000 subscribers with Mailerlite, but Mailchimp will not give any customer service help unless you are a paying member. Click HERE to go directly to it!

Themeforest by EnvatoThemeforest is what I use for finding different WordPress themes. The one I currently use is Preface, which can be found HERE. They have great support and documentation on their themes, as well as demos to see how the theme is set up and the types of sites you can make. My site is only one set up, but you can do many different types for your author sites. Click HERE to go directly to it!

NamecheapNamecheap is the best place to get more domains for cheap! Bluehost will already give you a free domain when you get hosting. But if you want to get another one, or ever want to transfer from Bluehost to a little bit cheaper domain site, I highly recommend Namecheap. They offer deals from time to time for renewing for a percentage off and even transferring from somewhere else like Bluehost for less than $5 total. Click HERE to go directly to it.