Excerpt From One More Night!

Chapter One-Kevin

Everything was silent in the house apart from the sound of the anticipation of the two of us.

“Right there, Kevin!” she cried out, her hips moving against mine. “Right fucking there!”

I chuckled, the sound trembling with the effort I was already putting out. “I’m fucking trying over here, Stacey! Cut me some slack, would you?”

She didn’t laugh at the joke. Though that probably meant something good for me. I readjusted my hands under her thighs and ass and felt her legs around my waist tighten up as I fucked her even harder against the door.

Usually, we wouldn’t do this at her house, in her bedroom. She’d brought me over to her house under the excuse of studying, and when she saw there was no one home, Stacey dragged me to her bedroom and attacked me before I even got the door closed. Because she was too much temptation to resist, we were fucking like bunnies against the door, even though her bed wasn’t ten steps away. Her panties were somewhere on the floor, and my pants and boxers were around my knees. I always loved seeing her in a dress, or a skirt, because she had a long pair of sexy legs, but I had a new appreciation for them now.

“You’re taking too long,” she groaned. “Kevin, I want to come already…”

I huffed another laugh, cutting off with a moan as her insides clenched around my cock, and she started mouthing at my neck. Whatever words I’d wanted to say got caught in my throat. I was getting close myself, but I knew better than to come before she did. It was embarrassing enough when it happened the first few times we did this.

“Shouldn’t…” I started, speaking through heavy panting. “That should be a good thing, right? If you last longer, it feels better.”

She didn’t say anything, just a bit down on my neck with her teeth and sucked. I let out another groan, my hips snapping in a harsh thrust as that suck went to my cock. Stacey moaned in turn, and my rhythm was broken. I was quick in picking it up again, fucking her in quick, shallow thrusts, and then grinding my hips against hers to get some stimulation on her clit.

“If we take too long…” she murmured, sounding breathless.

That would be a bad thing. Her family didn’t know she and I were together, let alone that we were sexually active. For one, I was pretty sure her dad would kill me. Her mom would never let me into their home again.

And her brother…he would probably kill me for messing with his sister, even though we were best friends.

“Maybe we should come clean?” I suggested. “You want us to fuck every time I come here. If we told them, it would be less of a shock.”

Her body shuddered in my arms, and I grunted as I readjusted my hands again. I wasn’t sure how long we’d been at it, but my arms were starting to get tired. I didn’t plan on putting her down until we were done, though.

Stacey placed a kiss right beneath my ear, then nibbled on the lobe. Her warm breath washing over my ear, down my nape, felt a little ticklish. But it only turned me on more.

“How about this,” she breathed out. ”We can come clean, but only after you make me come.”

That made me laugh again, only to cut off with a groan when she tightened around me and shuddered again. We were both riding on the edge, and I completely forgot about keeping up a rhythm, instead of fucking her with short, erratic jabs, my hands squeezing hard on her flesh. Then her insides were convulsing around my cock, and I was coming in her.

“Oh, fuck,” she muttered, practically strangling my neck and gasping as her body was wracked in shudders.

Then, she slumped into my arms, and I grunted again, pressing her forward against the door so she wouldn’t slip.

“That does get better every time we do it,” she said softly, her head rested on my shoulder with her eyes closed. “Did you finally learn some technique?”

I rolled my eyes. That was Stacey; even blissed out from a good orgasm, she knew how to be sassy.

“You realize you’re going to have to come down soon, right?” I said with some worry, catching my breath. “Because I can’t keep holding you, and I don’t suggest you wait until my arms lose feeling.”

She huffed, raising her head to glare drowsily at me. “I’m not that fucking heavy, Kevin,” she grumbled.

Then she was squirming in my arms, and we both gasped because we were still connected. Carefully, I pulled out of her, and her legs lowered to the floor while she kept her arms around my neck. Once her feet were down, she released the stranglehold she had on me, and I took a step back.

That must have gotten her hot again. Because the tired look was gone from her eyes, instead replaced with one full of desire. My cock had softened, and at her look, it jerked a bit. I looked down at it in irritation. I was glad to be young because I could get it up maybe five minutes, or less after I came. At least when I was giving myself a hand job; when it came to Stacey, it was even shorter.

But doing it once had been risky enough. It would be so fucking awkward if someone came home while we were still doing the nasty.

“Do you see what you do to me?” I complained. “With one look, I just came, and my cock is already twitching.”

She tried to give me a sultry smile, but ruined it when she broke down giggling.

“Well, it’s good for me that you’re so into me. I don’t want you to get bored with me and go looking for someone else.”

I rolled my eyes, amused. “Who the fuck else could I go for? I’ve told you I love only you, right?”

At that, her smile went soft.

Stacey didn’t give me time to tuck myself back into my pants. Instead, one of her arms was back around my neck, tugging me down for a kiss, as her other hand wrapped around my cock and stroked.

“We really should try to have some restraint,” I said, pulling back from her lips. My hips were moving because I couldn’t help it, fucking myself in her fist, slowly growing to full hardness again. “At this rate, we’re going to get caught.”

She pouted. “But this is the first time we’ve gotten alone at my place. We have more privacy here than the pool room at school, you know. And, there’s a perfectly good bed.”

I rolled my eyes again. “Yeah. A bed we never even made it to.”

But even as I complained, I knew I’d give in. This was Stacey. When I said I loved her, I meant it. I’d seen plenty of guys my age say the same thing to a girl and go around her back with someone else, but I thought what she and I had was special because she was special to me.

Why else would I risk my best friend’s wrath by going behind his back? I never even told him I liked her. And while a part of me felt guilty, it didn’t compare to how happy I was with Stacey, even without the fucking. We’d been together, secretly, for nearly a year, and it wasn’t until a few months ago that we took our relationship farther.

Coming out with it now, though, would have a lot of problems attached. Her family, for example, won’t know what it took to get us to where we were. The worst thing I feared, was her brother thinking I was just playing with her, or breaking up our decade’s long friendship.

Not enough to give her up, though.

“We really should start talking about this, though,” I said, trying to be serious while she had a hand around my cock. “They’re gonna need to know sooner or later. And I just think it would be better if they found out from us directly, not because they caught us, or someone else did, and they told us.”

“It’s not like I don’t know,” she murmured, looking down.

I thought she didn’t want to meet my eyes. Or, she just wanted to watch the movement of her hand on my cock. It was certainly a change from when she first saw me naked, partially horrified and fascinated by my male organ. I gave her plenty of time to get used to my dick after that, and most of the time when we couldn’t fuck, she’d get me off with her mouth, and I’d do the same for her.

“Then what’s holding you back?” I asked.

The situation was ridiculous. I wanted to tell her to let me go so we could have a proper talk, but then, I wasn’t going to be tucked back into my clothes again anytime soon. After a short bout of silence, she looked up at me.

“Why can’t we keep this silent just a bit longer?” she practically pleaded. “I know what they’re going to be like once we tell them we’re dating. We won’t get any time alone after that, not like we have today. I’m going to be fucking eighteen soon, and they still treat me like I’m a kid!”

“Stacey,” I said, my voice trembling. “That isn’t fair, you know.”

“Hmm?” she hummed, tilting her head slightly in an innocently confused expression.

Her hand had tightened around my erection, and she was stroking me more firmly, squeezing around the head. My breathing had sped up. I gave her a mock glare, and she rolled her eyes at me.

“Make me come again, then we’ll talk,” she bargained.

I laughed. She wasn’t playing fair. “Whatever you say, princess,” I teased.

I reached my arms around her, catching her dress’s zip and tugging it down. She had to let me go so I could slip it off her shoulders, and she kicked it off to the side. Next was her bra, and she stood in front of me, gloriously naked. I groaned just looking at her.

“Fucking gorgeous,” I growled.

She giggled. “Thank you. Now it’s your turn.”

She pecked a small kiss on my lips, then walked around me with a sway to her hips, heading for the bed. One look at her ass and I was rushing to get my clothes off and following her to the bed for round two.

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