Excerpt From Billionaire Boss

Chapter One


I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe in luck, but today was one of those days that I wasn’t having any at all.

“Fuck!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. What was the point of having a private jet if I couldn’t fly to where I wanted at any time that I wanted? I was pissed right now because I wanted to get off this island, now!

“We’ll have it up and running in a couple of days,” said Frank, my new pilot. One whom I felt like firing the moment we got back home. He didn’t realize that it was a couple of days too late.

Two days’ time in my world was like a fucking lifetime because there were a thousand things that I could do in that time. I grunted and put my hands in my pockets. Two fucking days. I didn’t want to be here for another minute.

The only reason I’d come to the island was to seal the deal with Brad Wilson, an eccentric tycoon who insists on sealing his deals on his island. He claimed that the heat and sand are good for one’s soul, which may be the case for him. But being eaten by mosquitoes and being sunburned weren’t my idea of fun. I’d tolerated it for two days, and now it was time to move on.

It felt as if his philosophy had rubbed off on Frank because he’d had a little too much fun on the island and hadn’t done his job properly and checked on the plane. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be stuck here for another couple of days.

I headed into the limo waiting to take me back to the villa, and the only thing on my mind was what was I going to do for two days while being stuck in the air-conditioned villa. I never knew that my jet wasn’t working, and I didn’t have to spend my time outside pretending that I loved the heat. Because I fucking hated it, and the sand even more.

Brad had signed on the dotted line and then left on his yacht, which he offered for me to join him, stating that we could celebrate together. I told him that I had to get back to the city. Which was true. He’d invested heavily in the thirty-million-dollar deal, and I had to get back to make sure that everything went smoothly from the word go. I was a fucking control freak, and I was proud of it. It was why I was successful, and if I played my cards right then, I wouldn’t need any financial support from the likes of men like Brad. I would be able to fund such deals by myself, just the way I liked to in the past, but I’d grown so much that the only way to get even bigger was to invest more. Something that I couldn’t do right now, and my only ticket to a project this size being successful was to have an investor. Someone just like Brad.

I must admit that it was a love-hate kind of business relationship. He loved being happy, and I hated it with a vengeance, but then I loved money, and one thing was for sure—he had plenty of it.

“Where to, sir?” The driver asked as he opened the limo door, and I hesitated for a minute before hopping inside. I decided that there was only one place to go, and that was back to the villa.

“Back to the villa.”

I ignored whether he said anything in return as he slammed the door shut. I came here not only to sign on the dotted line but to get away. I hated to admit that I needed a rest, but I was fucking exhausted. My sister accused me of being a slave driver and not trusting anyone, but that’s because if I’d sent anyone else to seal the deal, then it wouldn’t have been done or something would have fucking gone wrong. That part I knew for sure.

My phone vibrated the second the driver started the engine. I didn’t even look at the name as I answered it, put it on speaker mode, and put it on the side table. I reached out to pour a drink. I needed something to stop me from feeling so wound up.

My little sister, Gia, was on the line. “Hey, big bro.”

“Sis,” I replied as I continued to pour the bourbon which was screaming my name.

“You still with Brad? Just wondering when you’re coming home.”

I couldn’t answer her question until the bourbon hit the right places, and it did the moment I had a sip and it went down my throat, the burning sensation suddenly making me feel alive once again.


I shook my head. “Sorry, still here. Nope, the jet’s done. Stuck here for the next couple of days.”

She sighed. “That’s a waste.”

I wasn’t going to bother asking why she thought it was a waste. I knew the answer to my question. Gia had told me more than once that she didn’t understand the reason I wanted more money when all I did was nothing but work.

“What do you want, Gia?”

She called for a reason, and as usual, she was beating around the bush.

“Just wanted to know if it was okay to crash in the penthouse?”

“You in New York?”

I thought she was in Cali with our parents. That’s what she did, especially during the winter. She said that the cold climate should be illegal.

“I was. Just wanted to know if you were around. Really could have done with your company.”

Things must have been bad if she wanted my company and not one of her endless list of friends. We were related, but our priorities were completely different. Ever since she’d graduated from college a couple of years ago, she’d been trying to find herself. That meant doing nothing but drinking and partying all night long and spending days recovering.

“You must be bored.”

“Do you always have to be so rude?”

When did she get sensitive?
I was about to ask her when she said, “It’s okay. I’ll wait for you to get home. But just do me a favor?”

I was pouring my second glass of bourbon, and as the limo came to a sudden stop, I blurted out, “What?”

“Well, if you are stuck there for another couple of days, then try and have fun for once, big brother.”

I expected something else from her, a sarcastic comment or something, but not her telling me to have a good time. I was about to ask what was wrong and behave like a big brother and not just a big jerk. Before I had a chance, she had hung up the phone, and the limo doors opened simultaneously.

I found myself asking something that I never expected to say. “Take me to the place that’s having fun right now.”

This time, I heard the driver speak, possibly smile, as he said, “Right away, sir.”

I should have picked up the phone and called Gia back, but if something was up, then she wanted to tell me face-to-face, and to know that I was stuck on this island and couldn’t sort out her issue made me feel helpless.

I was stuck here, and there was nothing I could do for two days but possibly have some fun.

Something that I didn’t think was possible, but I was about to find out if it was for once in my life.

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