Fast and Loaded: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Get ready for the race of your lifetime.

I’m used to winning. Races, women, money… It’s all ripe for the taking. But Amber Martinez might just be my first challenge… A mechanic is a long shot from the high class socialites I usually go for. I shouldn’t even be thinking about her, oiled up as she fixes my car. First, I need to win my last race.

I’m not just a mechanic. I’m the best there is in the business, and Desmond Keys needs my help. I know he can win this race with my help. I have no interest in a womanizer like Desmond – pretty boy playboys are not my thing. But there’s something about him, a fatal charm, that makes me desire him… And that can only mean trouble.

***Full-length novel, no cheating, no cliffhanger!***


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