Omerta Series Box Set Books 1-3: Volume 1 (Omerta Mafia Romance Box Set)

The Omerta’s bad boys will keep you on the edge of your seat for a ride you won’t forget.

Dirty Indiscretions

Sometimes dirty little secrets come knocking when you least expect them…

In Ireland I was a freedom fighter or a terrorist, depending on whose side you were on. I left all that behind, but the only skills I had were the ones I learned on the wrong side of the law. Greco liked that about me. Maybe I reminded him of himself when he was making his way up in the mafia. I was loyal to my Boss. I was there to protect him at all costs and against all threats. Then I met HER.

Elda wasn’t like the other girls I’d been with. The way she moved, the way she carried herself was something else. I knew I had to have her.

But I should have known that everyone has a past…what I didn’t expect was how close Elda’s secrets were to the both of us.

Greco’s my father. Not the one who raised me, but by blood. I was an unwanted pregnancy, the product of an affair that Greco would do anything to keep a secret.

I wouldn’t have survived if mom hadn’t gone into hiding. She put me first and died giving birth because she knew Greco would have her killed in the hospital. Ever since then I knew I was going to avenge her death.

I trained for years to be at the level I am at now. Greco has the best in the business to protect him. I just needed the right moment make him pay.

But then I met Luke. A man with secrets as deep and allconsuming as mine. Fate is a fickle bitch. But I will get my revenge on Greco and I will give myself to Luke. Secrets can go f*ck themselves.

Her Protection

I swear to protect her life, liberty, and body…

I’m done with Tilucci. I’m only doing it to give my daughter the life she deserves.
I’m not the guy that Jane, that fine reporter, thinks I am. And when I say fine, I mean it more than just her work.
I need to help her to get rid of this life of drugs and violence and keep my baby girl safe.
I never expected Jane to like me. But after she forced herself to join me, I knew she was mine.
I will keep them both safe.
I don’t know if she will be okay with a single father like me.
But I’ll make sure to convince her as much as I can. I always do.

Deadly Ink

Her dad kept him on a tight leash…

I just got out of jail to protect my dad, framed for a murder he didn’t do.
He wanted out since his boss sucked and treated him like crap.
I wanted another tattoo. Something different after being free again.
I couldn’t believe the beauty sitting in the chair across from me.
I knew this place wasn’t for her, but I wanted a taste of her pie.
I took her home. She tasted better than i imagined.
I wanted her again and again.
I knew she was going to be mine.
I don’t think she’ll be happy when I tell her why I want her father dead.
I wanted her for the rest of my life.
But not just for her body.
But because I found out she was carrying my baby.

The three novels in this collection include:
Dirty Indiscretions: A Dark Mafia Romance
Her Protection: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance
Deadly Ink: A Dark Mafia Romance

Each book in this series has NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and guaranteed happy endings!

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