His Betrayal: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

If looks could kill, she could be more dangerous than me…

I worked for the mafia.
I was ordered to kill the cop at gunpoint.
But one look at her, and I couldn’t do it.
She was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.
So I attacked my boss and fled with her.
Her trust in me was unbelievable.
So much so that she let me have her that night.
On the hood of the car.
Without any protection.
Her mentor was a dirty cop, we just needed proof.
But then they took her.
I need to save her.
They need to watch out because she belongs to me.
I won’t let anything get in my way.

This is book 5 of the Omerta series. This is a bad boy mafia romance. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

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